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Teaching as a Politcal Act

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I do not care for this post-modern, reductionist attack on objectivity that is quite fashionable these days. It is my view that teachers should value objectivity. This is the only way to understand the world as it is. Part of the problem is that objectivity has been mistaken for neutrality, or non-controversy. In the interest of this false concept of objectivity, we often water down our content to avoid controversy or stirring emotions. It’s history, if people aren’t rubbed the wrong way from time to time, ‘you ain’t doing it right’. We should want our students at times to feel confused, emotional, angry, curious, helpless at the state of the world because there are lessons waiting at the other end, when they come to terms with those feelings. Above all, we want to inspire and empower them to change the conditions and challenge the oppressive legacy that history has left…

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On the Flag Salute and Patriotism

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Every morning in America, school children stand up to pledge allegiance to the American flag. By the time I meet them in my class, they are 15-16 years old and have been doing it for years. In the past I have asked my students, “Why do you pledge allegiance to the flag?” Most simply respond that they are expected to, or they may get in trouble if they don’t. Many have said they do it out of respect for the troops that have died for the flag, but there is nothing in the pledge that says anything about the military. Somebody has obviously told them this. I ask, “Have you ever thought about what it means?” Most students haven’t thought twice about it. “Why do you think you’re expected to do it?” They all have some kind of response related to showing respect. They have had this drilled into their…

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Keep Up with the Latest News: #Busted Pencils

Veteran educator Tim Slekar runs a super website, where he features the latest and greatest in the battle to restore good sense to education. It is called #Busted Pencils.    Tim lived for man…

Source: Keep Up with the Latest News: #Busted Pencils

Like Thieves in the Night: Deceptive CPS Student Service Cuts Spark Principal Uprising

Source: Like Thieves in the Night: Deceptive CPS Student Service Cuts Spark Principal Uprising

Shiny objects and false narratives: Time to refuse it all

Source: Shiny objects and false narratives: Time to refuse it all

The Global Powerhouse Designing our Ed Reform Landscape: McKinsey and Co.

The Global Powerhouse Designing our Ed Reform Landscape: McKinsey and Co..

Maryland, PARCC, and Common Core: Dr. Lowery and the tangled web of corporate interest


Set out runnin’ but I take my time, a friend of the devil is a friend of mine

-Grateful Dead-

Is this any way to start off a new year?

Are you scratching you head wondering…wondering why it is that Maryland has decided to become the PARCC fiscal agent? First of all, what does this mean?

In its new position, Maryland will manage the finances of the state-led consortium starting on January 1, 2014. Florida previously held that role within PARCC, which is made up of 18 states plus the District of Columbia. Florida and Maryland have been working closely together to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities.


It is worthy of a head scratch because you know something’s gotta be wrong with this “deal” when even Florida, ground zero for corporate-styled reform policies rejected the offer. Maybe our new state superintendent Dr. Lillian Lowery…

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